Thygrace Marketing is a leading fruit and vegetable supplier in Singapore. We import and supply high quality fresh produce to supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. We have been serving Singapore with fresh homegrown and imported vegetables and fruits since 1985.

Thygrace Marketing believes in making sure that every customer has access to the highest quality produce available, which is why we work closely with companies around the world to give you the best. We continually build close partnership with our suppliers, partnering with them to produce quality products through shared resources and research.

Our fleets of transport vehicles are well maintained to ensure that our fruits and vegetables are kept at the optimum temperature and moisture conditions.

All fresh harvested produce takes no longer than 24 hours to be sorted and packed to reach Singapore.

At Thygrace Marketing, we strive to offer our customers quality, range and convenience – from vegetables to fruits, herbs to mushrooms, we have it all.

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