HWA Rehabilitation Centre has been providing much needed therapy and integration programme for people with physical disabilities since 1993. After it established the home therapy services under the umbrella of Personal Care Services in 2007, it has reached out to people with disabilities beyond centre based therapy programme and providing much needed therapy and support to clients with severe disabilities at their home.

HWA Rehab programme offers the following services:

  • Physical rehabilitation programme for clients to improve and maintain their physical and
    functional status;
  • Training on Independent Living skills so that they become less dependent on their caregivers;
  • Care givers training on handling skills;
  • Training on basic employment related skills;
  • Training on community mobility and exploration;
  • Consultation and advise on purchase and proper uses of aids and appliances;
  • Encourage clients to involve in social, recreational and community activities.
  • Rehab centre is working hand-in-hand with other HWA services to create and sustain job opportunities for members. Services include evaluation of workplaces, provide consultation on accessibility and modification of workplaces, post-placement assistance if required.


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