Circle of Care • Child Services (“CoC”) was started in 2013 as a pilot project funded by Lien Foundation to provide support and intervention for young children enrolled in licensed child care settings, aged 2 months to 6 years old.

CoC aims to serve children from low income and disadvantaged families and who have additional need for learning, developmental and/or behavioural support.

As an ecologically based child support model, CoC recognises the critical multi-disciplinary nature of supporting young children and families. The child’s circle of care team is formed by child care teachers and principal, the CoC social worker and others important in the child’s life. The multi-disciplinary team comes together on a regular basis to meet, develop and monitor the progress of the child’s individualised care plan, find ways to engage the parents, and identify supports and services best suited to meet the immediate and the overall health and developmental needs of children and families.


CoC offers the following key services for childcare providers from promotion, to prevention, to early intervention:

(A) Training and Consultation
Staff development programme provides training, technical assistance, and consultation on promising practices that are consistent with CoC approach to support child’s learning and development and to build a positive child support system.

(B) Individualised prevention and early Intervention support
Targeted prevention and early intervention support for selected children that may include:

  • One-on-one interventions by social worker on areas such as social and emotional skill development, counselling and social work services to children and families who need additional support
  • On-going learning support on children’s language and numeracy development
  • Support for transition to primary school
  • Continuous social work support that starts in preschool and through to lower primary education
  • Linking children and families to community resources

(C) Support for family engagement
Enable parents, who are struggling to engage, to play an active role in their child’s education and development through variety of parenting skill-building opportunities.

(D) Links between childcare centres and communities
Childcare /community linkages involve creating opportunities and supporting an appropriate level of childcare/community partnership and linkage for the mutual benefit of each. These linkages, which may include participation of volunteers, broaden resources and strategies to enhance a community that support children and their families and enable success at school and beyond.


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